Database Development

Database Development

Cavallsoft Ltd offers database development services - an integral part of the modern web-based applications. We use the latest technology in the database development field that enables us to create high-performance solutions tailored to the specifics of the customer's business. As a result our customers receive a ready-made solution that meets their needs and is perfectly adapted to existing business processes. Database management system interfaces designed by Cavallsoft Ltd is functional and easy to use.

Database development will make search, classification and retention of necessary information/data much easier and will completely eliminate the errors and duplication, which are possible in manual handling and organisation of files.

Database development will enable our customers to achieve the following objectives

  • Storage and systemisation of data
  • Significant reduction in the time it takes to search for information
  • Data security: protection against the loss of data in case of hacking and other risks
  • The ability to track changes made in the database, knowing exactly who and when made the changes
  • Ability to access the database from any device with access to the network, including from outside the office
  • Creation of common information space for your company's employees with the ability to connect to a database of customers and partners
  • Access rights to information: each participant will be able to see only specific part of the data (for example, only their customers and their tasks)

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