About Us

Cavallsoft Ltd

We are a team of ambitious professionals with various backgrounds – marketing, development, IT and sales. We specialise in development of advanced applications and websites of complexity and functionality. The foundations on which our company is built are: desire to understand our customer’s business, willingness to develop processes to meet our customer’s objectives, flexible development methodology with particular emphasis on quality.

Cavallsoft Ltd was founded in London. We have business partners all over the world (London, Moscow, Tashkent, Shanghai and Sydney) and we are open to international projects. The use of advanced technologies, a number of our own original technologies and a team of experts, enables us to successfully implement projects of complexity and uniqueness.

Our principles

  • Everything we do is aimed at meeting our customer’s requirements. We aim to improve the efficiency of our customer’s business. Everything to do with the customer has the highest priority.
  • Our work is guided by uncompromisingly high quality standards. Everything we do is done with utmost professionalism and our efforts are aimed at providing only positive experiences for everyone we work with.
  • At the core of our company are innovation and, our competitive advantage, speed of our development. Our demands on ourselves are constantly increasing. Our processes, approaches and projects are constantly being improved.
  • The outcome of our work is important to us. One of the main objectives of our work is to improve the business competitiveness of our customers. Every single one of our projects must yield a result that our customer expects.
  • Our employees are constantly developing and moving forward. We take pleasure in exceeding our customer’s expectations. We set ourselves ambitious goals and we know that in pursuit of them we can achieve even more than we expect.
Cavallsoft Ltd is a dynamically developing company, our main driving force is unwillingness to rest on our laurels and be content with what is already there.
So let’s enter the future together!

The Team

Sergey Kostrov
Sergey Kostrov
Sergey Kostrov
Lead Developer

Sergey started his studies in sports coaching and played handball. He continued his studies with engineering. Sergey always had an interest in IT and software development since he was a teenager, creating an automated marking system for his school. It was this interest that led him to move from the sports and engineering world, to working in IT. Sergey went on to establish his own successful IT business before moving to London and establishing Cavallsoft.

Anton Surov
Anton Surov
Anton Surov
Lead Digital Manager

Anton is a result-driven, multi-lingual and enthusiastic digital marketer with vast experience in SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing, analytics, SMM, web business development, and has worked for global media agencies.

With over 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing he has been working on blue chip projects covering a multitude of online markets brands such as Gillette, Olay, Pampers, VW, etc.

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